Vision and Mission


“The Center for Excellence envisions itself as the catalyst to develop and manage a comprehensive performance management system for all academic and administrative units in the university through sufficient and sustainable capacity building to achieve and support a top class quality education centered on education excellence for our students and for societal development”.


To achieve the philosophical cornerstones and objectives of the university and the Center for Excellence’s vision, the Center for Excellence has defined its very reason for existence through the following mission statements:

  1. The Center for Excellence will maintain a leadership role in the forefront performance management systems through the QMIPS (Quality Management, Information and Planning Systems) implementation in the university, in the country and in the region.
  2. The Center for Excellence will develop and maintain the AUQS 2000 QMIPS as the performance management system of university through on-going development of the AUQS 2000 QMIPS to maintain a top-class performance management system in quality management, information management and planning systems appropriate to the university on par with international standards.
  3. The Center for Excellence will develop a capability and capacity building mechanism to disseminate information pertaining to the performance management system and support the development of the human resources knowledge and skills to support the successful implementation of the AUQS 2000 QMIPS Performance Management System in the academic and administrative units to deliver on education excellence to the stakeholders.
  4. The Center for Excellence will develop a capability and capacity building of its center through good governance and healthy-mind staff to achieve a service quality.
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